AAA At Home Solutions Q & A

The Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging has a new program, "AAA At Home Solutions," to help Older Kansans, age 60 and over, to live independently in their own homes.

Q. How is AAA At Home Solutions different from the other programs offered by the Area Agency on Aging?

A. The program is a private pay program. It is an option for customers who do not want a government subsidized program, but want services. There is more flexibility. Case Management services provide ongoing monitoring and follow-up with monthly reports.

Q. Are there eligibility requirements?

A. The requirement is for any Kansas resident, age 60 years and over, in need of in-home services.

Q. I need to return to work and need some help caring for my mother. How can this program help our family?

A. The AAA At Home Solutions Program helps to provide Non- Medical Attendant Care for assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting or any other daily activity. Homemaker services for house cleaning, laundry, shopping and meal preparation. The Case Manager coordinates the recommended service, and will make all contacts and arrangements necessary to initiate the selected services with the providers.

Q. For seniors who can't do the things they used to around the house, how do they find reliable help?

A. The in-home service providers have contracts with the NWKAAA. The providers complete criminal background checks on all employees.

Q. If a person is interested in receiving information about AAA At Home Solutions who do they call?

A. They can call Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging, 1-800-432-7422 or (785) 628-8204.

Q. Can you describe the process of setting up services through AAA At Home Solutions?

A. The Case Manager starts with a meeting of the customer and / or families in their home. The customer's strengths and challenges are identified. The Case Manager will make all contacts and arrangements necessary to initiate the requested services.

Q. What is the benefit of having monthly monitoring of services by the Case Manager?

A. The Case Manager will maintain regular contact with the customer and / or family. Services and schedules are adjusted if needed. A monthly report of status to the customer or family will be done. This is very beneficial for concerned families, that can't make routine home visits, due to long distance or have a very busy schedule.

Q. If someone has long term care insurance, would you help them submit claims for their in-home care?

A. The Case Manager will maintain regular monthly contact with the customer's chosen provider and can assist with obtaining copies of the staff's time sheet for the homemaker and attendant care services that were provided.

Q. What if my Dad only needs help for a few months after being released from the hospital? Can this program help him?

A. AAA At Home Solutions would be able to provide services, if services are needed for a couple of months.

For questions and more information about AAA At Home Solutions, call Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging, 1-800-432-7422 or (785) 628-8204