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AAA At Home Solutions

AAA At Home Solutions is a new program providing private professional case management services to seniors in the 18 counties of Northwest Kansas. This program is a service offered by the Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging, NWKAAA, to help Older Kansans, age 60 and over, to live independently and in their own homes as long as possible. couple standing in front of houseAAA At Home Solutions is an option for seniors who do not want to receive subsidized state and federal program services, but want a service providing a comprehensive assessment, coordination, referral, advocacy and monitoring of their individual needs.

An initial screening is done to determine whether or not the customer is eligible for subsidized state and federal program services. Based on the results of the screening, the Case Manager will fully explain all available options before proceeding. The initial screening is available free of charge.

The Case Manager starts with a comprehensive assessment of the customer's ability to live at home. The assessment includes the initial consultation with the customer, family and/or caregiver, a thorough in-home assessment of functional status and identification of the customer's specific strengths and challenges. The Case Manager prepares a written detailed plan of recommended service. The written care plan includes information on provider options, contact numbers and fees for recommended services.

The customer or family member may then choose to contact the various service providers and make all necessary arrangements to implement the care plan or have the Case Manager follow- up with the care plan adult with caregiverimplementation. The care plan implementation involves service coordination, scheduling, evaluation and follow-up with the family, customer and providers. The Case Manager will make all contacts and arrangements necessary to initiate the selected services and ensure that everything is working as it should to support the customer's independent living goals.

Following the first month, the customer / family may choose to receive monitoring of services on a month by month basis. The Case Manager will maintain regular contact with the customer, make ongoing adjustments to services and schedules as needed and provide a monthly report of status to the customer or caregiver. This service helps to provide regular feedback to families who cannot make routine home visits.

For questions and more information about AAA At Home Solutions, call Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging, 1-800-432-7422 or (785) 628-8204.

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